Founder & CEO of Veterans Minimum

Reporter at Chat Sports

Host of Degeneration Bets Podcast

About Nick
Nick is the on-air talent and CEO of Veteran's Minimum, a sports show presented through audio and visual means online. VM is a show that portrays a comedic twist through sports talk with a NY Vibe to it.
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On Veterans Minimum
Nick hosts the show twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. As well as creating unique video series on the Youtube channel social media. The Monday series is called “Podcast & Chill: where Nick brings on guests from athletes to close friends to connect in conversations through sports, personal stories and open discussions with little to no boundaries. The Thursday series is primarily revolving around current events in the sports world from previewing games, announcements, rumors and season long outlooks.
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VM Joins the Blue Wire Podcast Network
As of December 2019, Veteran’s Minimum joined the Blue Wire podcast network, Blue Wire is a sports podcasting platforms bringing together the next generation of journalists, influential fans and commentators - from social media to developing former athletes. Blue Wire’s mission is to lead the conversation in sports on social media and content the conversation on hundreds of sports podcasts that reach fans across the globe.
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At Chat Sports
Nick is currently covering the New York Knicks, Giants & NFL. Chat sports is a live sports news network for digital. As the first full-service sports media channel on Facebook Live, Chat Sports produces over 20 hours of live, produced video content weekly. Chat Sports is the leading sports media brand on mobile.
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Degeneration Bets
Nick hosts a sports betting and daily fantasy sports show which has been recognized as one of the best sports betting shows in the world. Degeneration Bets takes a look at sports from a betting prospective. DB also airs on Twitch during the NFL season where Nick engages to both the first time bettors and pro’s alike.
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