Veterans Minimum

Veterans Minimum is a Sports & Conversation show hosted by Nick “The Lamb” Dais. Lamb brings on a wide variety of guests from athletes, reporters to his childhood friends to shoot the breeze about all sorts of topics from current events, betting, life & all things in the Sports world!


Chat Sports

Nick Dais is a reporter at Chat Sports. Chat Sports is the first full-service sports media channel on Facebook Live, creating over 20 hours of live, produced video content weekly.  Chat Sports produces hundreds of original articles across all major American sports each month.


Degeneration Bets

Degeneration bets is a sports betting & Daily Fantasy podcast ran by Nick “Lamb” Dais. We breakdown all things going on in the sports universe from a betting perspective.


Blue Wire Podcast Network

As of December 2019, Veterans Minimum was acquired by Blue Wire Podcast Network. Blue Wire is a sports podcasting platform bringing together the next generation of journalists, influential fans, commentators – from social media to developing former athletes.


Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is the next generation of daily fantasy sports: A real-money, in-game platform that pushes real-time questions to users during live games.